Musings of a News Junkie

Thursday, June 12, 2014

BREAKING NEWS:   Today, former President, George H.W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving.

Also, pregnant actress Mila Kunis tells fathers-to-be to stop telling people that they and their wives are pregnant.  (Since, obviously, males can’t get pregnant? I guess?)

BREAKING INTERNATIONAL NEWS:  North Korea’s Dear Leader, Kim Jun-Un, chastises North Korean weathermen for getting their weather predictions wrong.

140612015945-kim-jong-un-weather-restricted-story-top“Get It Right Or Else!!”

These are just a couple of the top news stories in the United States today.  There were also some articles about Islamists overrunning Iraq, something about Karachi airport in Pakistan being attacked by the Taliban, thousands of foreign-born children flooding into the southern border states, something else about a deserting American solider and the freeing of 5 AL-quida guys who like to pose for pictures with severed heads. Oh yea, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned the world to prepare for the next housing crisis.  Something like that.  These types of articles are usually buried on the bottom of the page.  Or, if given top billing, such as the Iraq story, the article merely consists of some basic timeline facts.  Nothing else.

It should be obvious that the American news media often fails to adequately cover what is “really going on in the world.”  There’s a word for the goings on in the world: it’s called The News.  In order to read The News, News Junkies (such as myself) are forced to scan the world’s headlines and articles from a variety of sources.  Somewhere amongst the morass of news stories, the actual truth of what is occurring in the world is present.

To uncover the News, one is forced to sift through the garbage to find the nuggets of truth.  The garbage consists of political agendas, pop culture diversions, marketing campaigns, self-serving diatribes, and on and on and on.  You get the idea.  To sift through that garbage you need a healthy dose of cynicism, ability to think for one’s self, willingness to question all sources, and a well-honed horse puckey meter.  It does take some work to find the News, but once you pull that nugget from the rubbish heap you will feel an enormous sense of satisfaction.

So dig deep into that cow pie.  And remember that no matter how high the media tries to pile the bull poop on top of the real news, you will not be deterred.  You will hold your nose and dive straight in.